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Northern Lights Forecast

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On this page you can get acquainted with the forecasts of the Northern Lights in the Murmansk region and Teriberka.

What is the Northern lights ?
Aurora Borealis, Aurora Borealis — the glow (luminescence) of the upper layers of the planets' atmospheres, result of the interaction of the planet's magnetosphere with charged particles of the solar wind.

Forecast based on KP index

The KR index describes the disturbance of the Earth's magnetic field caused by the solar wind. The faster the solar wind blows, the greater the turbulence. The index ranges from 0 for low activity to 9, which means that there is an intense geomagnetic storm.

What do the colors on the chart mean?

  • Green – weak 90%, medium 80% and strong 50%
  • Yellow – weak 100%, medium 95% and strong 70%
  • Red – weak 100%, medium 99% and strong 90%

Also, follow the link to get acquainted with the 30-minute forecast of the Northern Lights for the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

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