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Saami Village SAM- SYT


During the tour we will admire landscapes of Lovozero and visit the Sami village
Here you can touch deer, take selfies with huskies, watch arctic foxes, make friends with moose, feed rabbits! And also to ride a banana, a snowmobile, a reindeer sled, get acquainted with the indigenous people of the Murmansk region of the Sami, have traditional lunch- broth of the Sami village and all this in one excursion!

Number of tourists

from 3 people in a group or individually

Start date:

on request


8 hours





We are expected at 10:30Therefore, the departure will be early!
Lovozero is about 200 km away.

10:30 . 10:30 - arrival in Lovozero, a brief introduction to the instructions, the rules of behavior on the territory of the settlement.

  • On the territory of the settlement. Acquaintance with national buildings: chums, kuvaks and national utensils. Visit to the alley of enchanted idols
  • We will get acquainted with the animal world in the village: rabbits, huskies, foxes, arctic foxes, raccoons and, of course, reindeer. We will feed the deer with a yagel from our hands.
  • We are waiting for fun Sami games: "Tug of war", "deer and wolves", "Sami football", "throwing "nyartala" on deer antlers, throwing willow rings, as well as reindeer sledding, bananas attached to a snowmobile, ice skating downhill 6. In the national cafe "Petroglyphs" there will be a lunch with traditional dishes
  • In the national cafe "Petroglyphs" there will be a lunch with traditional dishes: Sami chicken broth, non-alcoholic Sami drink "pakula", black tea, Lovozero bread, main courses and pancakes (options).
  • All guests can take photos and videos in the national dress of the indigenous Sami people. 

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